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animal Names: dudamel

Dudamel is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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I'm a curly headed bundle of energy! I get my name sake from the LA Phil conductor Gustavo Dudamel. He is also high energy, curly headed and adorable!! They found me on the streets, I was so hungry I was working some road kill and almost got hit by a car. I was rescued by Marcela who called my mommies to see if they want to add me to their family. I was a mess. Never been groomed, fleas and ticks, but I cleaned up real well. I love playing with my brother Cosmo. Violet is such a protective big sister. I don't understand Xena, but she sure catches some tasty treats. My mommies have the best laps for sitting and I have toys, and dog beds everywhere. They call my little dude or doodle for short