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animal Names: dustin

Dustin is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Dustin? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Hi i am Dustin. I am a lively older cat. I have been called the smartest cat i've ever met by several people they were amazed that i could open the front door and flush the toilet with no training on how to do it and turn on the sink faucet. I looooove the outdoors i think a cat can't live a exciting life just staying indoors all day. I love going to the creek near my house and hunting mice and birds and i also like to bring them to my boy i once left one on his bed he wasn't as happy about as i thought he would be. I like hanging with my mom Samantha and My crazy friend Georgie even though she has an attitude i still like messing with her. I love to lay and sleep on my boys back and hip. My best friend is mason the dachshund i protect him from Georgie she's big and doesn't like him but i stick up for him. I like to go for walks with mason and my boy he has to be on a leash but i just walk by my boys side no problem. I follow my boy everywhere he goes outside to protect him from bad things if someone i don't know walks up i start meowing at him. When he leaves in his car i wait in the bushes until he comes home even if he is gone all day. I am small i only weigh 8 pounds and i am full grown but i don't take anything from anyone but i don't start things either i am small but if you mess with my i got alot of heart and i don't back down.

NOTE: Dustin Passed away recently he was the greatest animal i've ever owned. Owned is a bad word because i let him come and go as he wanted he was more like the best roomate ever. gonna miss him but i had alot of time with him and he was older and had a great life full of adventure.!