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animal Names: edgar

Edgar is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Hello! My name is Edgar and I live with my mommy in Norway. Im an indoor cat because my mommy is afraid that i'll get hurt if I go outside. She takes me out in the backyard sometimes, but i prefer sitting in the window and looking out instead. I have a lot of fun playing with my sister and my older brother, and sometimes I even play with the dog! Im very talkactive and I even know a few cool tricks. My mommy taught me to sit, high five, spin and kiss. Besides playing with my brother and sister, I like to sleep on my mommy's lap, especially when she's on the computer! At night I sleep in my mommys bed on the pillow next to her head, but on cold nights I like to crawl under the blankets with her. My mommy has been taking care of me and my sister (Esme) since we were born, because our biological mother didn't want us :( My mommy said it was because we were too damn cute for her to handle. I think that's true because Im pretty darn cute ;) I know my mommy loves me alot, so it doesn't bother me <3