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animal Names: elusive

Elusive is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Elusive? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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I got my name by the way i was saved.... I was almost stepped on by my owners bff during the her last day of school.... they were on an extra recess because of no work to do... but they had to head in and so nothing would happen to me, she hid me..... i didnt know she was trying to help me so i crawled out of my hiding spot and was discovered by a group of third grade boys.... of course they threw me around like a ragdoll... but my owner came out again after a class and rescued me.... i hid this time and she hid to as to not atract attentoin over to her standing around "guarding" me.....finally at the end of the day, she came and put me in her backpack, to be taken out of there and aaway from the aproaching lawn mowers... she almost missed her bus and was forced to take me with her on an hour ride to her home..... the bag kept touching my back so i let of a chirping release call... in the end i ended up with a nice home, a great owner and awesome roomies... i was elusive to danger and it earned me an awesome life!