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animal Names: elwood

Elwood is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Domestic Shorthair

Hello everyone, I´m the loudest guy out there. Meowing is my thing. Always making a racket to get what I want: food, food and more food!
I have a special soliciting purr- I save it for dinnertime! My owner can´t resist!
I´ve got a lovely tummy, eh?
FYI: if you haven´t guessed I´m the one in the black fur!

Domestic Shorthair

One of the loudest kittys on the planet, I scream and meow my way through life. I´m constantly hungry and because of my great cuteness food often comes my way. My personal favourites include tortillas, shepherds pie and meatballs marinara!!! I sleep most of the day but come meal time I turn up the volume and start my purring/meowing food frenzy. I adapt very well as an alarmclock set at 7 am and 10 pm CET (aka meal time!).
My extra cute features include
-Fat floppy belly (typical of a male castrate i am told)
- A different meow for every situation
- Glossy soft black fur
- Fantastic body postures (pure yogi - style!)


I am the coolest, most insane cat you will have ever met. I once tangled with raccoons and was very proud of the wounds I came home with. But my mom wouldn't let me go outside for a long time after that, so I learned my lesson.

Although I often try to deny it, I adore my mom. I follow her around from room to room and demand her attention. I really hate it when she ignores me.

I love food and I have a large floppy belly - it looks fun to touch, but please don't. I find it annoying.

Pizza, fried chicken, french fries and vienna sausages are my favorite. If the dogs get to eat these treats, why can't I?

I also love catnip. My mom puts it on the floor for me to roll around in. It makes me so happy!

Oh yeah - and don't forget that I am the best looking cat on the planet. I'm not shy about my good looks, so please - take a picture!