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animal Names: emily+louise

Emily+louise is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Emily+louise? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Emily Louise

Emily Louise (name came from mom - Emma - who passed on 13 years ago and her very best friend Louise who is 80 and alive and well !!!!!) I drove from New York to Camden Yards in Maryland to get Emmie who is the sweetest, lovliest dog in the whole (my whole) world ! Emmie is very people shy for some reason altho she's around people alot, but LOVES every animal on earth ! She loves our guinea pig AMBER and tries to play with her all the time. Amber just looks at her and says, "yeah, sure!" Took Emmie for a ride today and she was the epitome of PERFECT in the car. Just sat in the back looking out the window and never moved. I even stopped in the supermarket today and bought cold cuts - she never even went near the bag ! Just sat there like the ANGEL she is !!!!! even when I had to get out of the car a second time !!!! So of course I had to share the cheese and cold cuts with her on the way home. I would wish an Emmie on every animal lover on cuteness !!!!!!