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animal Names: emma+jean+mohr

Emma+jean+mohr is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Emma Jean Mohr
Welsh Corgi

I am a fat lil' rolie polie dog that shouldn't be mistaken for "sweet"! I get my BISCUITS!!!! (Mom says my "bite" when she passes out the goodies is kinda like a shark or lion. She's always houndin me to try and be more gentle... Pshhh, no chance of that right now! I'm still a "young, innocent, pup", and so there's plenty of time for that "gentle" stuff) And, most of the time I can steal my brothers because they are scared I might bite em', I guess! I don't dare try and take my sister Dora's though... She will TEAR ME UP!!! It makes my Mom so mad, but she just gets the bag back out and gives them more and scolds me to go elsewhere so they can get a biscuit! :-/ I can't help they eat so darn slow! If they just swallowed it like me there wouldn't be time for anyone to come up and snatch em'... In fact, mine NEVER even touch the floor!!! I do have a lil' loving soft side in me though... Shhh! I don't let many know, mainly just my Mami and Papi because they are the bestest and always make sure our trough, aka food bucket that's taller than Diego, is FULL, lotsa fresh water, a BUFFET of biscuits, and TONS of assorted rawhides that I love to CHEW on!!! Not to mention our dog beds we have. I usually lay in the one I outgrew proly' the week after I came home, but it's so comfy! I enjoy the farm life! I just wish my brothers and sister understood that my legs are quite a bit shorter than average and I don't watch my figure so I'm pretty plump with a THICK coat of fur to top it off so when they wanna run out and bark at something outside of our yard, it really takes it outta me! They also love to play Chuck-It, as do I, but Diego is the "fetcher" so I bite his legs as he gets to Mom with the ball, and then as he takes off for the ball again, I growl kinda mean with a high pitched bark while still tryin to bite at him a lil' bit, and then lay in the grass to darin' him to bring the ball back again! It is a blast, but if I did all that runnin' back and forth they do, I woulda already killed over!!! Mom proly "chucks it" half'a football field or more... I'm not lazy, I love playin' and bein' OUTSIDE (my favorite), but our porch is like six stairs, and then there's I don't even know how many inside our house, so when you put the stair climbin' in with all my other activities, I am ready for bed before dark! I do LOVE water! My brother Diego gets in the horse tank for a "cool dip" after about ten minutes of "Chuck-It", but that doesn't quite work when the tank is almost 3' tall and my legs are barely 3" long! So, the rest of us have 2 different "water tubs" that we share which are more accommodating to our sizes! :) I enjoy anything to get DIRTY so I get to stay outside longer cuz Mom thinks we need a bath everyday or somedays more than one... And each time she's hollerin' bout us bein dirty, I think in my head, "Aren't we in the country? We don't need baths! That's what the horse tanks are for!". :( I On my downtime though, I've been practicin' the run & jump technique on the horse tank, but the one time I made it in, I was so wore out, I wasn't sure how to get out! :-( Thankfully Dora saved my life by barking and whining NON-STOP while scratching at the screen door to get Mom's attention (she was in the kitchen cookin' dinner), and so Mom opened the door, and then came RUNNING in my direction as she noticed I was barely keepin' my head above water with my worn down "doggie-paddlin"! So, haven't really tried again since, but I'm gonna get back at very soon! And, I guess I owe my sister Dora-Bell a VERY SINCERE thank youuuu!!!! I couldn't keep paddlin' much longer... Imagine if you humans just had your fingers to swim with minus your arms/hands..... Proly wouldn't be too easy, eh? But, now you know a lil' bit bout me... Sorry I got kinda long-winded, but there just isn't hardly ever a dull moment on our "Ranch", so I could go on for days with stories especially since I'm the "ornery" one, but we gotta have somethin' to talk about later!?!?! I'm gonna head back over to the "trough" now...

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