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animal Names: fannyann

Fannyann is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Hello, my name is Fannyann, Fanny for short. I am a VERY smart , loving, vocal human (sometimes i pretend im a cat, well thats what my mom tries telling me. Silly her.) that enjoys to follow my mom around (in the house or even on walks). I also love to have conversations with my mom, but sometimes i seem to talk too much.. in a good way though. Oh ! but i growl at strangers, and love to hunt anything ! (Its pretty exciting when im sucking the garden snakes out of the ground, or grabing moths in my mouth to leave them flying around in mine and my moms room/closet.) I am the PRISS in the house of course, i could say. I have the biggest light blue eyes that dont like to open up when the camera comes out I know its PICTURE time. :).. (My mom loves taking pictures of me all the time.. Wierdo !) Meow !