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animal Names: ferris

Ferris is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Tiger Cat

Hi there! My name is Ferris the Drooler...Hee Heee Hee My daddy calls me that because I drool when you give me a good rub down!!! I love my family whom I adopted. I was the cat around town..real cool like. Well one day while I was visiting my future parents..mommy grabbed me up and took me to the vets!!!! I had a boo boo (long story I won't bore you!) Well! Let me tell you..what an experience! He looked me over and BAM!! next thing I knew I was counting mice!! When I woke up some things were better and well somethings were...different. My boo boo was stitched up which was good (I got that mean ol tabby back!) and well I'll just say it...I was not quite all the male I used to be!! It's ok. I got over that quick! I share my home with Cranberry my calico sis and Max..the new dog. I really miss my older brother Buddy. He was a golden and I used to takes walks with him and Mom and Dad (we were quite the sight! almost the same color. people used to point at us walking together and laugh!). I don't know where he went but I miss him very much..I know that I will see him again someday and we will take out walks together again!