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animal Names: figaro

Figaro is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Mom got me from a rescue group in Chicago that saves kitties who are in high-kill shelters in Illinois. I spent a couple of months in foster care before mom adopted me. I had a lot of trouble gaining weight while in foster care, but as you can see, I'm not scrawny at all anymore.

My sister is that crazy little black kitten Eliza. She keeps me very busy. I am two months older than she is, so she really is dependent upon me for guidance. We are best friends.

My hobbies are bird and squirrel watching, eating, running down the stairs of our apartment building when mom gets home from work, falling asleep in pilates positions, and taking care of my little sis.


We rescued Figaro in August 09; he'd been abandoned at only 3 weeks old. He was covered in fleas and yelling as loud as he could (which is pretty loud!), but we cleaned him up, gave him a home and he's turned into a beautiful loving bundle of energy. His current favorite pastime is jumping in the shower right after we exit it. We hope everyone enjoys him as much as we do.