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animal Names: flappie

Flappie is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Flappie? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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So, not long after Troob came into the picture, mommy bought me~!
Her female bird that she was taking to get her wings clipped when she got Troopie became my wife :)
She kept having eggs, and my momma got a good idea to start breeding parakeets! So she came back to Petland, and picked me :)
So I was brought home and I was put into the cage with my wife Tweeter <3
We tried, but had no babies :(
and unfortunately she passed away from a complication with an egg. I believe its called "eggbound" When an egg gets stuck inside her because she has too many eggs.
Well, my mommys mom and dad got the egg out of her...but she was put through so much stress that she pretty much died in my mommys hands.
It was sad, and I miss her and love her, but shes in a happy place and I will be with her someday down the road. (Mommy will put a picture of her on here, shes BLUE)

Now, Im happy with my mommy, I live in her room with her in my cage, and I have friends right down the road! Her cousin who lives a few houses down has two parakeets so I get to play with them sometimes :)
I think thats about it! Thanks for stopping by~ ^_^