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animal Names: fluff

Fluff is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Fluff? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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My story is very short....I was thrown out when I was 3, when my Hooman was havin a baby, cos mother-in-law said I would kill it! Mom heard about me and the rest is history. so I will tell you about my family. Well, I am the grumpy one! It's true..I don't much like the boys, Simba is a big tease! He likes to throw me on my back and I fight back and hiss and yell and then Mom shouts at him, and he waves his tail at her and scrapes his back feet on the floor....that means he is lookin for trouble! He thinks he is the Boss cat!
Herbie is nice, he is my favourite. I am losing my hair now cos I am gettin on in years and Herbie lets me cuddle up to him. We hang around Mom all the time, and she often says she can't move for fear of treading on us. She does trip over me a lot, but it may be my own fault cos I always following her.
Fitz like cuddle up to Herbie too, but he is wary of me...probably cos when he first came I was tryin to be bossy and I used to hiss at him. He still gets very scared of strange things, but is gettin better...he doesn't like Mom picking him up and tries to get away. I feel sorry for him now...I think he was ill treated but he can't remember.
Tinkerbelle doesn't bother with any of us but likes to sit on Mom when she can, she tries to get on her knee when me n Herbie are there and Mom often ends up underneath all 3 of us.! he he he

Norwegian Forest

Foxy Fluff Michael.
Born: May 10, 2003
Died: Feb. 28, 2011

We will always love you!!! <3


Just your average lazy, house cat... Her hair sticks to everything. Of course, she loves me!