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animal Names: flynn

Flynn is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Terrier Mix

Hi, I'm Flynn! My owners adopted me from a rescue when I was just 9 weeks old, after the rescue saved me from a scary high-kill shelter. I love to eat ice cubes, run as fast as I can, crawl around on carpets, and learn tricks.

One of my favorite things is when my owners play the "boo" game with me. They yell "Boo!" and I get all excited and run around and wait for them to come near me, and then I take off running again. So much fun! If I don't want to play the "boo" game I just stand there and stare at them like they're stupid. ;)

I have a snaggletooth, bushy eyebrows, and a big poofy tail. I guess I'm pretty cute! My owners did a DNA test on me and it told them I'm 25% Cairn Terrier, 25% Lhasa Apso, 37% Rat Terrier and the rest too mixed to figure out. They thought this whole time I was a Yorkipoo! Of course I knew they were wrong, but they just thought I was being cute when I would try to tell them. Humans!

Featured on The Daily Puppy 8/19/14
Passed Canine Good Citizen test 10/11/15

Verbal Commands (24): Kennel up, Sit, Stay, Down, Off, Come, Wait, Go potty, Get out, Jump, No biting, Give kisses, Go upstairs, Go to your spot, Leave it, Take it, Watch me, Park it, Marker, Quiet, Manners, Stop, Go find it, Okay, Move
Hand Commands (8): Sit, Stay, Down, Wait, Watch me, Crawl, Roll over, Back up
Tricks (16): Open your crate, Touch the bell, Target, Give paw, Shake, Crawl, Roll over, High five, High ten, Spin, Rotate, Back up, Go to your place, Sit in the box, Under, Around
Other Words (7) : Flynn, Greenie, Water, Ice cube, Adam (owner's name), Josie (fur-sister's name), Outside