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animal Names: frank+and+mj

Frank+and+mj is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Frank+and+mj? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Frank and MJ
Basset Hound

Well lets see I'm frank and my human parents adopted me when I was 6 months old and they got me from BROOD which is a basset rescue I'm 6.5 yrs old and right now going through some life's troubles. At the beginning of this yr I came down with IVDD which is a disc disease in my back which had made it to where I loss the use of my back legs and it really hurt my dad. But he is a great sport and sleep with me on the floor for the first 2.5 weeks and now me and him are able to sleep in the futon. It has been almost 4 weeks for my injury and as time goes on I get better because now I can start to walk again well drunk walk as dad would say but it is a huge improvement for me since it was looking like that my parents might have had to put out over $6000 for my surgery. So dad thought quick and he made me a website and had all of our friends and family donate money to help me get better if you like to check it out you can. It has been turned into a new pet community and the link is in my profile. So that my story and now her is my sister Mj's She is 2 months older then me and my parents got her off of craigslist for me to play with and we have been together like glue ever since. She was 1yr 2mo old when she came to us so I was still a puppy and it was love at first sight BOL ( Bark out loud ). She is the lover of all people and I'm more like I have to get to know you first. But I love all animals to where she just loves me and tolerates the others we also have a new brother his name is Fred and he is also a basset and he is 2 yrs old. He is also a rescue and he is also a red/white and is now my sisters new playmate since I can't run around anymore but some day I will show him I'm the big boy here BOL. We also have 3 cat siblings I'll have my dad make a bio for them later since he has to carry me outside right now. TTYAL