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animal Names: franky

Franky is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Franky is a rescue. We got him June 2008. When we got him he had no information other than his name. At first he seemed healthy but a bit lethargic. We knew he was a bit older, at least four, so being a bit older would explain him sleeping more.
24 hours later Franky was not eating and I had to syringe feed him. For three weeks I feed him with a syringe every three hours. Finally he started eating and we decided that he was too old and had been through too much and he and i had bonded so Franky was in his forever home and we introduced him to our others. He of course also had ear mites and his teeth looked like they have never been cleaned and is nails looked like claws. He also had a ear infection. So we got him on antibiotics and treatment for the ear mites and cleaned him up.
Frank has always slept a lot and he had never really played much. When he was let out of the cage he would take a quick look around, use all the litter boxes and climb back in the cage to sleep in a nice dark cube. He has never dug, climbed, jumped, or 'war danced'. He is mellow and laid back and trust me completely. I can do nearly anything to him and he just lets me.
This year, about February or so, we noticed Franky was loosing fur. At first we thought it was rat tail. His fur would thin but then come back. This went on for a while so we took him to the vet and he was dx with adrenal disease. Shortly after, less than a month later, we noticed he was acting odd. I happen to have a blood sugar meter so we checked his blood level and it was low. After getting it up a bit we took him to the vet and he was dx with insuloma. Now he has had two Lupron shots and a melitonin implant and he is on pred twice a day. The poor guy is now nearly bald and we call him nakey franky, but for the first time in a year he is 'war dancin', playing with the others, and digging. Now instead of looking around and going back to sleep he plays and acts like a ferret. Bald or not he still has the sweetest face.


Franky has, since his inception, been scrounging for food and looking for a blanket to borough into. When he's not looking for food, he can be seen on the back patio bathing in the only spot of sunlight available. Franky's high pedigree means he refuses to sit on cold tile, and will look for the nearest square of carpet to do so. When the weather conditions are right, his ears will allow him to break free from Earth's gravity and obtain low altitude flight with a radius of maybe 1/4 mile.