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animal Names: fredericka

Fredericka is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Freddie is a Ragdoll and was a queen in a cattery in Mississippi. She is a Katrina survivor and was rescued a week after the storm, floating on a piece of wood in 9 feet of water. She managed to save 3 of her kittens too. She was transported to Kentucky and put in foster care by Ragdoll Rescue. She is now retired in Michigan and has recovered nicely. Support your local animal rescue organizations. They do good work. I'll let Freddie tell you her story herself.
Hello Y'all. My story is a sad one but with a happy ending. When Katrina hit, my people were evacuated but all us kittys were left behind. The storm was terrible and me and 3 of my babies were the only ones to survive. I was rescued as mom said, but there were no hugs from the rescuers. They were too busy and afraid that someone would bite them so I was just put in a cage. Then the cage was put on a big truck with a lot of other cages and I was sent to a big building with even more rescued animals. I was examined by a vet and put back in a cage and shipped to Kentucky. My people were in Kentucky and I was reunited with them. Thank goodness I had an ID chip. My people couldn't keep me so they gave me to the animal shelter. I was so afraid of everything that I bit a vet tech. They were going to put me to sleep but some kind soul knew that I was a good kitty so they called Ragdoll Rescue. A kind lady came and got me and took me home. I was not feeling very sociable so I had to stay in the den instead of being with the family and other pets. I was afraid of everything, especially the rain. They were kind to me but I was still traumatized by my experience. Finally I was put up for adoption, but only to a home with no kids or other pets. I was adopted by my furever mom and moved to Michigan. Here the whole house was mine! I could go anywhere I wanted and sleep anywhere I wanted. I even had 2 litter boxes and have Polish Pottery food and water dishes. I even have my own glass in the bathroom in case I want a drink in the middle of the night. It took about a year for me to really feel safe though. I had nightmares and mom would hold me and rock me until I stopped crying. I bit mom a few times but she forgave me. I didn't know that if I wanted to 'get down' all I had to do was 'get down'. I also didn't know what a kiss was. Boy I sure do now. I get lots of kisses and I give lots of kisses too. I love to be brushed and mom brushes me every day. My teeth were bad, probably from having too many babies, so mom had most of them pulled. Now I can't eat anything I want to but I get vitamin gravy along with my other food and I love it. I love to sit in mom's lap and talk to her. I also love to go for walks on my leash and smell the flowers. I like to watch cartoons on Saturday morning. Veggie Tales is my favorite. I'm learning to trust other animals and people now, even kids. I'm a happy cat and life is good.