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animal Names: friendly

Friendly is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Friendly was an unusual Dutch who I got when I made my first communion in second grade. She came from a 4H club. Friendly was just as her name says. She was the most patient rabbit I ever owned. She let me dress her up, pose her for pictures, and do anything else I wanted. She loved attention and I used to spend a lot of time petting her and cuddling in the mornings before the school bus came. What she didn't like was fresh fruits and vegetables (I told you she was strange). Friendly was very smart, she learned to stay, come, and play dead. Sometimes I let her run loose in the yard because she was so well trained that she would always come back when I called her. There used to be a circle of plants in the yard that she loved to hide in and when she died this is where she was buried. Friendly died in June of 2006. After she died I wrote the story The Rabbit Came Back in which Friendly is a rabbit called Oreo. The drawing in the photos area is of a rabbit Called Pepper for The Dog and The Rabbit which is a character Friendly inspired. Friendly's photos are also in Animals in the Shelters and her life story appears in My Pets and Their Lives.