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animal Names: frisco

Frisco is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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American Shorthair

This is my beloved cat Frisco. He is an indoor/outdoor cat who enjoys his life to the fullest. He is a very street smart cat and we give him full trust in the outdoors and he even roams without a collar. He has fought off many a creature in our little suburb.
These creatures include raccoons, coyotes, skunks, and possums.

Right now he is sleeping on the floor next to my feet. He keeps our organic garden free of pests, but in his older age I think he just goes outside to stare at the moon or watch cars pass now that rats have been returning. As of today 9/9/2014 he is 11 years old and is sleeping on the floor next to my feet.

Oh ya, I didn't mention when he was 9 months old he came home with a limp tail so we took him to the vet and they found out he had broke his tail in two places. The best option they said was to amputate it so he wouldn't suffer from the effects of being sick and possibly die and they gave him antibiotics and cut off his tail. He has been healthy ever since and he's like a little bobcat with his cute stub above his butt.