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animal Names: gabby

Gabby is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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English Bulldog

Gabby is so sweet and she loves people ,no matter the size.When she gets excited she wags her behind so much she falls over.Which has given her the nick name "wiggle butt".
I am disabled and life is very painful at times and can be depressing.She is my reason for getting up in the morning.She knows when I have my bad days because she is right beside me to either make me laugh or just rub her and give me those sweet sloppy bulldog kisses.


Gabby joined our family after our previous pug Augusta died during a routine surgery. Knowing it would be unfair to the new pug to physically resemble her predecessor, we chose Gabby whose coloring is "smutty." She is also sleek and petite rather than boxy. But don't let her delicate appearance deceive you! She's got all the chutzpah of the pug breed. And since she is a vocal scold, we've shortened her original name from Gabrielle to Gabby.