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animal Names: georgie+boy

Georgie+boy is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Georgie Boy

My Georgie Boy was going to be put to sleep because the Lady ( Amie Taylor ) that had him could not work & leave him home, he tipped all day she tried locking him in the bathroom that made him worse, we live in a very tiny town in the foothills of the Cascade mountains, everybody in town, except my husband & I knew Georgie was a handful & a yipper ... So Amie was taking him to be put to sleep, he was still a baby, someone told her to call me, I have small dogs ( 3. ) . She called , I had my brother get Georgie from her, brought him here to me, bit my brother, snapped at me, I put him in my pet stroller so my other fur-babies could get used to him, OMG... Night falls go to bed & Georgie is crying like a child .. I brought my pillow & blanket to the living room, opened the stroller, laid beside it went to sleep, I woke up to Georgie Boy washing my face.. I have been in love ever since, and he loves lipstick.. No more tipping !!!