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animal Names: gertie

Gertie is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Australian Shepherd
Miniature Mule

Hi, I'm Gertie, a miniature mule (my daddy was a mini donkey and my mommy was a mini horse)! I'm very small, about 30" tall to the shoulders, but I'm *all* attitude. I'm smart and stubborn and everything else you've heard about mules. I'm sort of special, since I've got an underbite that makes my tongue stick out most of the time. I think it makes me extra cute!

My hobbies include sticking my tongue out, pawing my person when I don't get enough attention, and kicking people who think I'm a donkey. I'm told I'll be learning tricks soon, and I've already learned to stand on a box just by watching Spanky. I really love frosted oatmeal cookies and apple & oat horse treats, but I won't turn down much in the food department. If I want to be petted, I won't just walk up to you - I prefer to back up into people so that my butt gets scratched!

Once a year I get a full body clip, which I HATE. But I have to admit that once it's over it feels really good to get rid of all that winter hair. I also hate the farrier and vet visits. I try to put up a fuss, but I'm too little to do anything but get laughed at.

(BTW, the picture of me laying down where I look all wet? It was taken right after I was born! I hadn't even dried off yet!)

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