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animal Names: gigi+fluff

Gigi+fluff is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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GiGi Fluff

Hello! GiGi is the name, Fluffing is my game. I am a pedigreed cat and don't you forget it! I'm practically royalty! Well life here with my servants...errr....people is great! They really know how to treat a Duchess of Fluff. My favorite indulgence is Temptations Cat Treats in Dairy Flavor, YUM! Then I like to go "belly up" on a cushy piece of furniture and really relax and air out my fluffy tummy. My people think it's funny but that's how you can tell I'm really comfy! I'm the middle child in a family of 5. I have two younger sisters, Tiger Lily and Emily Jane, young and vibrant little so and so's always romping around and getting into mischief, but sometimes they let me play and it feels good to romp like a kitten again, I'm not over the hill yet! I also have two older, fatter, sisters named Tinkerbell Jane Elizabeth....something something something, I can never remember the whole thing, and Annie (named after the musical about the orphan). Oh and one other thing, I may be beautiful but I have my limits, if I don't want my tummy rubbed or I don't want kittens sniffing in my face I will give a mighty whacking with my "Wookie" paws. Yes I have big paws, they nicknamed me "Wookie Paws" because I'm so furry and ample footed. When I want your attention, watch out because them big paws are going to come at you! I also have a big fluffy tail that I like to swish behind me when I sashay out of a room, sometimes stuff gets stuck in there, so my people call me "Swiffer" and a bunch of other funny names. Oh well, quirky nicknames and rambunctious kittens aside, this place really ain't so bad. You see I came from a really bad home before this. I lived in a tiny condo with a woman who worked all day and kept me in a cage because she didn't want me to mess up her nice white furniture. The lady had a little girl who would often terrorize me and pull my tail and jump up and down on the bed when I was under it hiding. They fed me bad food that was too big for me to even eat and because of this I had lost a lot of weight. My new people had seen my picture on a "Cat for Sale" board at a vet and came to see me. I was glad my old people were getting rid of me because I didn't like the way I was being treated. I came home with my new people and though they were nice there was still a period of adjustment to go through. Not only was I scared in my new home, but shortly after arriving I got really sick and had to have an $1100 operation or I would die. Well obviously I made it through and am now a fat and fluffy spoiled cat who can nap on any piece of furniture I wish. Life is good! Keep on Fluffin'