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animal Names: goose

Goose is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Goose is one of the most vocal cats I've ever met. It's almost like I can have conversations with him. He understands and responds accordingly. He enjoys playing pranks on his twin brother. He knows commands like sit, paw, sit up, and sometimes he'll even play fetch.

Labrador Retriever

I'm Grey Goose. I belong to David but that's just on paper. I really belong to my opposing thumb mom, Claire. I'm a silver lab. I love everything and everyone. Gumbo likes to bite my pretty face but mom makes it all better when he does. I love the beach. I can run forever chasing birds and I get a kick out of turtles when I find them on my walks. I don't know why I get fussed at so much because I really don't know when I do things wrong .... like chew on oyster shells that I carry into the house. I'm just a baby!