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animal Names: gremlin

Gremlin is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Gremlin? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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She's a diva, her real name is milkshakes but we call her Gremlin because she acts evil sometimes lol. She punches people in the face with her paw while they sleep, calls for "mwamwa" (my parents) and says "hewwo" when trying to get someone's attention! She loves watching birds from her window and watching bugs and leaves. She loves Christmas time and used to love sitting in the Christmas tree before she got fat lol :)

Chinese Crested

Small, Cute and named appropriately! He loves playing with his Italian Greyhound (sister) and chasing the cats (until they swipe at him, then he runs away all excited!).


Rest in Peace, my beloved Gremlin Houdini. You will always be missed, loved, and cherished. Life here on Earth will never be the same without you, my dear friend. I love you. <3 Gremmer-Kinnz (January 1st 2007 to January 19th 2011) <:3(-)~~

Gremlin Houdini has been my baby since he was a teeny tiny rat pup. When I first got him he had very fine, thin, soft, velvety fur, but as he got older it fell out until he became what he is today, naked. He is a black Berkshire hairless dumbo, and is Bootstrap's father. Gremlin got his middle name from being an escape artist. He got free from every enclosure setup I had tried at first. He never went very far, in fact he usually wound up sleeping on top of me or in my bed when I woke up. Our friend has dubbed him Lord Ninja Yoda of the Under the Fridge Lair, but since he is very old now, he is not able to have free roam of the apartment anymore. Grem developed unaligned teeth as he aged and now suffers from constantly overgrown teeth, so he must get weekly teeth trimmings, which he despises. I hate doing it to ya' buddy, but it's gotta' be done. He also has developed hind end degeneration disease, which causes the loss of use of the back legs in many elderly male rats. His nicknames include, but are not limited to, Grem, Gremmers, Gremmer-Kinnz, Grimalkin, Lord Ninja Yoda, and others.