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animal Names: griffyn

Griffyn is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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I am 4 years old and own my humans and go everywhere with them. I am definitely part of the Family. I loves Sports and being outdoors, but I also appreciate my down time and get lots of beauty sleep. I go to all the Soccer and Football Games to watch my Human Sisters Play. Of course, I have my Umbrella, Ice Water and Fan to keep me comfortable. I love going to Brewsters to get Ice cream and really loved going to the Braves Game for Bark in the Park Day. I have traveled to Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Colorado, Utah, Nevada and Arizona. I even spent a few days in Vegas. I sleep between mom and dad every night and rule over my human sisters. I also have Tory a White German Shepherd to Rule over. I miss my brother Rookie (another white German Shepherd) terribly. I divide my time between going to work with Mom or Dad and Staying Home and going to the Lake on Weekends. I have a Biological Brother, Hercules, that lives in Utah that I get to go visit. I love riding in any vehicle - I have ridden on a Motorcycle, Boat, Personal Water Craft, Car, Train and Airplane. I plan on going White Water Rafting with my family at the end of the Summer (Level 1 of course). I love making Friends. My mom keeps my "Diaper Bag" packed at all times so I am ready to go. For Halloween last year, my mom dressed me as a Tiger - I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT - as you can tell from my photo, but I did have a lot of fun Trick or Treating.

Whewww Whooooo!! Getting ready to add a couple more states to my list when we go pick up Baby Bliss. So Excited!!! I can't wait to introduce her to Brewsters Ice Cream!!!