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animal Names: guido+dashell

Guido+dashell is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Guido Dashell

My name is Guido and I was born June 18, 2008.

My mommy's name is Natalie. She never had kitties growing up because her stepdad was allergic. When she lived in Las Vegas, her roommates got 2 cats named Zero and One. She fell in love with them. When she moved back to Pittsburgh and got her own place, she longed for another cat. She tirelessly searched Craigslist. for a kitten. Finally, she got a call from a lady who had kittens.

Natalie went to the lady's house. There were only 2 of us. My cat mom didn't want us. She tried to run through labor and refused to feed us or take care of us. I had a brother named Mouth, because the nice lady had to give him CPR to bring him to life when he was born. Natalie thought Mouth was cute, but he was a little crazy. I was the calm one...or so she thought, so she picked me. I was very scared in the car but excited to be going to a new home.

When we got in the house, I showed my new mom my REAL personality. I was NUTS!! I ran all over the place smelling at everything. My mom had bought me tons of toys and some pretty yummy food. And when she held me, we knew everything was right.

She originally was planning on naming me Dashell, Dash for short, for the super fast kid in the Incredibles. But she looked at me and knew she should name me Guido for the tiny crazy blue car in Cars. I confirmed my Italian name when later I licked all the spaghetti sauce off her plate.

For a few months, it was just mommy and me. Then, my daddy moved from Las Vegas to live with us! I liked him a lot, but truth be told, I was a little jealous that he cuddled my mommy.

Then a few months later, my mommy saved her old doggy Gypsy's life. I didn't like Gypsy at all for a few days. I hissed at her and hid all the time. Then I got curious and would spy on her from far away. Now she's my best friend and kind of another mom to me.
THEN, my dad brought Mowgli home. I'm still getting used to him. We like each other well enough but I miss being the baby.

I don't know why everyone says I'm a kitten. I'm cleary a human baby! I love when my mommy cradles me or spoons me when I sleep. I like when daddy leaves in the morning so me and mommy have cuddle time. I like bouncy balls, whisker lickins, and giving momma hugs. I don't like when the dog chases me or when mommy tries to give me a bath.