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animal Names: gypsy+lee

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Gypsy Lee
Labrador Retriever

My name is Gypsy Lee. I was bought into a family with 4 KIDS!! I loved it. As a puppy, I always had someone to play with and cuddle. Then, when they moved into a smaller house, they gave me to some other family members. Well, one of these family members was an evil guy who took me to the shelter this past October. One of the nice family members told my first sister, Natalie, that I was there. Natalie called the shelter and told them she'd be there within an hour to get me. She knew they'd put me down if she waited, because I'm older (but still fabulous) and I'm anemic and allergic to fleas. So she called off work and came out. The lady there told her she couldn't adopt me because I had failed my behavior test. (They put me in a cage with 2 pitbulls and 1 bowl of food overnight. Then they put a bowl of food in front of me and as soon as I took a bite, they pulled it away! So I MAYYYY have nipped the man a little bit, no blood or marks or anything. Amazing what they'd do to a starving dog...oh well the food kinda sucked anyways.) Because of that, they were going to put me down. I was actually IN LINE to be put to sleep when Natalie arrived.
Well Natalie cried and yelled and the lady said instead of doing a regular adoption, she could bring proof I used to be hers and they would let me go with her. But she only had 2 hours. Natalie sat through rush hour traffic to go to her parents house. She found tons of pictures and then raced back through traffic (breaking several laws) and got there right in time. She saved my life =) She paid the money and even had to sign a paper saying I was a dangerous dog. Do I look dangerous??? I've never bitten any other humans OR animals. But at least signing it brought me home=D
Despite having little money at the time, she let me move into her house with her, her boyfriend, and her little kitten Guido. Guido hated me at first but now we're best friends!
I'm a very happy girl now. I'm a total princess, or at least my sister (who I now call mom) says I am. I like being brushed, vanilla ice cream, and pepperonis. I don't like baths or when the kitten tries to ride me like a pony.
My Natalie thinks I'm beautiful. She puts me in gorgeous costumes, and a few weeks ago, I entered into a Pet Parade! I didn't win anything, but I got a ribbon for participating. And Guido won Best Cat, which I knew anyways. I love my life and I love making new friends!!
Recently, I moved in with Natalie's mom, my grandma. Natalie isn't allowed to keep me anymore but I still live close by so I get to see her and my buddies Guido and Mowgli all the time. I'm one happy doggy =)