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animal Names: haili+sue

Haili+sue is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Haili+sue? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Haili Sue
Labrador Retriever

Hi, my name is Haili Sue and I'm the ole girl in the family of fostering. My job is to teach these young uns where to go potty (not in the house, of course), what certain words mean, to use their indoor voices, to tell mom when there is someone on the property, to let strangers know that come up to the house that it is NOT okay to come close. (I don't say a word, I show them ALL of my teeth, it really does the job according to what they tell my mom....hee hee) I love the look on their faces...Well, that is my job after all. Then, when they come to visit they just can't believe that I can be that way when my mom's not home and I'm so sweet when she is home. That's the lab/shepherd attitude. Anyway, I've seen alot of fosters come and go, but Sugar stole my mom's heart and well, I gotta say I kinda like the little bugger, too. I mean, look at that face...geesh, how can you not like those eyes! Yeah, she's not going anywhere and I'm glad because she's had a hard time in her short life and is still so loving and she loves to play with me or should I say with my I was lucky I was picked out by this family when I was a little puppy and never was in a rescue situation so I like helping these little guys that have never known love because I've had it all my life and I've got a lot of it to give back. My gentleness and the way I react to my mom shows them that people really are okay and it helps them to start to trust again. I just speed up the transformation. My mom says I'm their guardian angel. I love my mom. She volunteers for EARTH which stands for Educated Animal Rescue & Teen Haven. We not only help every animal known to man, but teens that are in need, too. Its located in Battle Creek (its actually Bellevue) and you can find the site on Petfinder. Look us up!