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animal Names: harley quinn

Harley Quinn is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Harley Quinn
Domestic Shorthair

Hey guys i'm Harley! I was rescued by my mommy from an animal shelter where I was really sick. She took me to get medicine and now i'm all better! I love playing hockey with bottle caps in our kitchen and sleeping on the couch. Im so happy now that i get all the food, treats and toys that i want.. :)

Harley Quinn

Let me tell you my life story, even tho im still a baby! I was found by my Step mom and dad (Bobbie and Norm) i was wondering through their yard, cold, scared and hungry. id been dumped with a bunch of other kittens and left to fend for ourselves. the neighbors mean dog was killing and eating some of my litter mates. Bobbie and Norm took me and 2 of my brothers in. They fed us and loved us and cared for us. I turned into a very feisty girl and soon loved beating up my brothers and ruling the place. Then Bobbie posted my picture up at work with a note asking if anyone could give me a forever home because she couldnt keep me or my brothers. my future Mama saw my picture and thought i was just precious! So she told Bobie that she would give me a forever home! She unfortunately couldnt take my brothers but i would soon be getting a big brother. I stayed with Bobbie and Norm for 3 weeks until my Mama finally brought me home. She loves me so so much and i couldnt be happier! My big brother, Dante, plays tag and chases me all over the house. i love it here and im so happy i never have to live on the street or be scared again. im a very lucky kitty and wish every kitty had someone like my Mama. im spoiled and have so many toys and new friends. Mama calls me her "Christmas Angel" cuz thats when she brought me home. the best gift ever is a forever home.

Harley Quinn

Mom got me to be a friend and playmate for Rascal, at first I didn't like him. But, being he was not much bigger then I was being a Corgi it didn't take long to show him who was boss. Rascal now resides by rainbow bridge and mom got us a new dog. Samantha, she is alright I guess.. She is quite a bit bigger then Rascal was and a little rougher then he was and steals my toys. I do have my fun though taunting her. I like to run though the house in circles so she chases me then jump up on the counter where she cant reach. She is good to cuddle with in the cold months.. but everyone once in awhile I have to swat her between the eyes to remind her who the boss of the house is..