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animal Names: heidie

Heidie is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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My name is Heidie, and I am a tabby and calico cat. You can see the golden spotches my calico throughout my tabby stripes. I am known to be festy or moody when you pet me, but love to be petted which makes me purr. If I near my owner, I have been known to purr loudly also. I was adopted. It was scary being at the pet store with all the other cats and dogs in cages and all those people walking around. I found comfort in my little litter pan. When they took me out for this one lady, I spit at her, but she took me home anyway. She named me Heidie because I seem to hide at the beginning. I am a very shy cat and will still hide from the other cat there in the house. He seems to want what I have. Sometimes I will sleep all day under the bed in a safe place as it is high off the ground with suitcases to hide between or a safe corner in the closet. Will come out if the owner tempts me with treats or petting.