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animal Names: herm

Herm is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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American Shorthair

Hi! My daddy adopted me when my first owner surrendered me at the clinic. I was just a kitten and my bottoms wasn't developing right. He was going to just release me on a farm where my daddy says i would have been in a lot of pain and died in a couple weeks. My daddy saved me and takes care of me when I have issues back there. I love him very much. Actually, I love everyone very much. Mommy calls me the great mediator. She says my motto must be 'Why can't we all just get along and have good poops?'

My likes: Doing badness, driving my Mommy crazy with instigating my kind of fun with the puppy. being on things and in things and generally wherever I'm not supposed to be, Litter boxes, my new stepsister, Daphne, my old sister, Maia,( She doesn't feel well so I try not to bother her too much) my stepbrother, Mr. Rogers, full food bowls, nip, finally getting sniffs of whatever mommy opened in that can) even if I don't want to eat it), being bad, opening cupboard doors, and getting my stepbrother to do badness with me.

Dislikes: Bottoms issues, collars with bells, collars without bells, uh, yeah, I guess that's all.