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animal Names: hexy

Hexy is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Labrador Retriever

Bark! I'm Hexy and I may be young, but I am one energetic doggy! I'm pretty big for my age, but I won't get too much bigger. I was born in Alabama, where my sister and I had out first owners. I guess they didn't like us, because they chained my sister and I to their tree and just moved away. But some nice people came along and took us to a shelter. I got adopted a lot, but so did my sister. Most people took me back because I'm really energetic. We went from shelter to shelter until we reached a small rescue shelter in PA. My sister got adopted there, but never came back. I was pretty sad. But then after a little this really tall man and smiley lady came into the shelter looking for a dog. They said they wanted a Lab, like ME! I was excited. They came over to me and I could tell they loved me from the start. They took me home in their car, but I was a little nervous because I had never had a permanent family. When the tall man opened the car door I saw two teenage girls smiling and ready to pet me. Day after day I waited for the day I'd be returned to the shelter for being so hyper, but they never took me back!
Although I'm really energetic, the family can handle me because there's always someone around to play with me. I love my home, and even Zeke (the cat) who lives here! He's really old and small but he's still fun too. The tall man (who I now call "Da") named me after his favorite Philadelphia Flyers NHL goalie, Hextall. I don't think I'm ever doing back to the shelter, my home is here :)