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animal Names: hopper

Hopper is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Hopper? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Thumper was found on the side of the road on a busy highway. Sadly, her mom was hit by a car, and she was left by herself. We took her in right away. I phoned many vet clinics, but they offered me little hope of survival. But I was determined to help her survive. She was SOOO small! She was a cottontail. We got a large bin, put a heating pad in it, along with soft stuffed animals for her to cuddle with. I made a burrow for her, which she loved staying in.

Hopper was attacked by a dog. The dog grabbed her out of the nest, and brought her to the house. We made the dog drop her. I thought she had a squeaky toy. But it was a baby jackrabbit. I was devastated when I saw her. I picked her up, and held her in my hands. We were at my second cousin's house at the time. The dog found the bunny in the bush, so it was impossible to find her home. I sat by the campfire, trying to keep her warm. When I got home, I knew that I had to keep her warm. I held her in the palms of my hands and fell asleep.

Both bunnies LOVED my fluffy robe. The would burrow in the sleeve, and stop under my arm, curl up, and fall asleep. That was their new home. We purchased KMR Kitten Formula, and fed them from a bottle. Both of their appetites were amazing! We fed them ALOT throughout the day. I took care of them during the day, and my mom woke up every few hours throughout the night to feed them. They were ALOT of work, but SO worth it! We took them outside every single day. They needed to get used to the outdoors, because that is where they truly belong. It was amazing watching them eat dandelion leaves for the first time. :) They grew and they grew andd they grew. One day, when I wen to check on them outside, they were gone. They decided it was time to start their lives in the wild. I miss them ALOT. Every time I see a rabbit by our house, I immediately start to think it's Hopper or Thumper. And sometimes, I wonder if they've had any babies of their own.


rescued dutch rabbit.