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animal Names: houdina

Houdina is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Houdina? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Lesser Jerboa

Houdina is a very big lesser jerboa "jaculus jaculus" female. She weighs 70 grams. She was born January 5 with two other pups that didn't survive (their mother got an infection, so the breeder had to feed them).

She's sooo sweet. I can hold her and cuddle her, and she's very curious. She eats from my hand (I see them as "look at" animals, but I cuddle both of them, because they are tame, but don't have them outside the cage), jumps in my hand and likes to lay her head on my hand, so I can cuddle her head. She's so sweet!
Her name "Houdina" is because she can chew herself out of a box (it was the first thing she did when I got her)!

She's is together with Samuel, and gave birth to one little baby on January 1st, 2013 - sadly, it was born dead :-(