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animal Names: huggie+baer

Huggie+baer is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Huggie Baer

Hi my name is Huggie Baer, yes Baer like Max Baer Jr. from the Beverly Hillbillies. That's one of my human daddy's favorite tv shows. Crazy little thing happened when my paw got hold to my maw a little some time last August. I have two more brothers and one sister that are off somewhere here in Northwest Arkansas. I know where my sister is. She's with Abby, Jessica's sister. Okra and Hennie are somewhere with Amber. . . My daddy lives with me. His name is Rocket. He shuns the paparazzi so you might not see a page here for him. I'm gonna try and convince him. My uncle Conrad has a profile here. Please vote for him because we want him to be best in his breed. I know that he is cute. I want others to know it too! Oh and don't forget to vote for me Huggie Baer yes its Baer, like Max Baer Jr. from the Beverly Hillbilies.