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animal Names: ickle+kat

Ickle+kat is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Ickle+kat? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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ickle Kat

My mom and dad already had a cat called Misty when I arrived.
Mom and dad's son, Simon, was 21 at the time and he was walking home at 1 o'clock in the morning. He had been to a night-club in the town where we live. I jumped out of some bushes and scared him. He bent down to pat me and I liked him straight away. He told me to go home and kept walking. I ran into the road and taxi cabs were speeding about - picking up fares. Simon was scared that I would get run-over by a taxi so he took me home.
When mom came down in the morning I was hiding. I was scared of what she might say. Simon had given me a bed and some food and water but I was too excited to eat.
Mom thought I looked cute but said that I must belong to someone and so they printed some posters and pinned them to trees and telegraph posts.
Nobody wanted me. I was lost.
Mom took me to the RSPCA but they had no room. Mom took me back home. I worked my magical charms on her and she fell in love with me. :o)
Mom took me to the vet - he said I was about 3 years old. Mom thought I was about 12 weeks old - cos I am so small. He also said that I was a very poorly little cat and I would probably turn out to be very expensive. He said I had a heart murmur, a congenital defect (my tail is all crooked) and because of this I probably had a dodgy liver and only one kidney!!
Yikes!! - mom was upset. He asked mom what she wanted to do??? Do you want to keep her or shall we do the kindest thing? Mom almost cried - 'I am going to take her home' she said. If she has lasted 3 years - she could last another 3 years.
I have been with mom and dad for nine years now. My heart murmur healed itself and I'm doing fine. I haven't cost my mom and dad loads of money - but mom said that if I was poorly - that she and dad would make sure I got better.
Mom and dad don't kniw where I came from or how I got to be on that main road. I can't tell them cos I don't remember. I just know that I love my Simon for taking me home and being so kind to me. He doesn't live at mom and dad's house anymore cos he is all grown up but he comes to visit.
Misty died about 5 years ago and then our two dogs, Lassie and Suzy died of old age. Mom and dad decided to get another cat to keep me company and to help keep me young. Her name is Spidey Cat - because she eats spiders. Yuk!!!
I have what I always wanted. People who love me and protect me - I am a very nervous girl - and lots of cuddles and a warm bed. Dad shares his supper with me, too, and Spidey Cat. Don't tell mom. ;o)