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animal Names: inky

Inky is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Tabby Cat

Inky is a sweetie. He is shy but after he gets to know you, he wants cuddles and kisses. He loves rolling around and purring as well as food! Inky will eat most human foods. He is also a very old cat. His brother is Buddy, the other fat kitty. Sadly, Inky has been sick for a while but that hasn't stopped him from demanding love and attention! Inky has slightly chubby cheeks but he's very thin.

American Shorthair

My name is inky and I am a year and a half year old. My mommy got me from a coworker because my brother got hit by a car :( where she lives so she knew I would be safe with my new mommy! I don't get along with other cats very well, I like to be the man of the house! I absolutely love to play fetch with my balls and play with water in the bathroom sink.My mommy and daddy think it is so funny when I chase my tail, I am always the center of attention! They love me so much. My favorite foods are chicken flavored Iams wet food (but mommy mostly feeds me the dry food). I like to snack on my cat grass and that lovely cat nip. It makes me go crazy! When I get bored I like to sleep, watch TV with mommy and daddy, and watch the squirrels and birds out the window.