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animal Names: isabella

Isabella is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Isabella? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Rat Terrier

her name is isabella and she is my sunshine and my everything.she is silly,loving,protective and loves to wrestle with my tortie,junebug.


I have Torti-tude! I love pink and love dashing around like a super cute maniac!


Hi! My name is Isabella but everyone calls me Bella! I am a 4 year old Pomeranian and love new friends! Like my page so we can be friends!!!

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My Bella is such a Sweetie, she is very gentle, she is the biggest of the three Chis but her personality is very very sweet. she is very loveable. she loves loves to eat! I call her my dancing queen, she will stand on her hind legs and dance.
When we first decided to get another chihuahua, it was going to be so Emma could have a friend.. but when I saw Bella and Bit together, they were so precious, and they loved each other so much, I had to have them both!


"Charming" is the word to describe Isabella. She loves people! When she is at the dog park she is happy to see the other dogs, but the first thing she does is greet the people that brought them. She will accompany them to their destination, just to make sure they feel welcome. Love's her friend the cat, Samantha Stevens, and older brother Marley.


Hello, My Name is Isabella! I just moved in with my new family on June 21st . They are really good to me. As you can see my last master didn't love me at all. They Didn't Feed or water me. I was born in Bicknell, IN on Nov 20th 2008. One of my Sister's Master Seen me and decide to do what was best. I am so thankful. My Went to the doctor and he said I looked Really sick and that I would soon be big and healthy like my Brother Buford ( Crazy Basset I live with) and my Blood Sister Neaka!! She is So much stronger than me. Daddy Says he loves me and that feels nice. I Already have found my favorite spot in the house where ever everyone else is. which is like every other pet! I cant wait to get big and strong and Chase Miley around the house

Note: Pictures are being taken to see a increase in mood and weight! Check back they are great
As you can tell I am starting to get a lot bigger in just a few days boy o boy what a good meal will do you!! Also if you look close my sores are not as mad and my fur is coming back

p.s. Jun 30th I feel pretty good today. I cant wait to get feeling better so i can be around the rest of my four legged family. Dr says not yet. I go back monday to see him. I hope he says its ok. then i have to learn to pee and poo outside wish me luck with that one... oh boy oh boy!!!!

Today is Nov 4th 09 Just laying here beside dad..... enjoying my time with him......... I am doing really good all my hair is back and i have gained a lot of weight.........

I have more Newer Pictures they are in order from the time I have lived at my new home... but the first picture its new also

Love you all

Miniature Schnauzer

My name is Lisa, and I'm a schnauzermom. I live with my precious little schnauzer girl princess, Isabella, and my adorible little schnauzer boy prince, Travis. Isabella and Travis are the sweetest little darlings. We're so attached to each other.

Isabella is a precious little schnauzer girl, who also happens to be a retired conformation show champion. Hiking is her favorite thing to do. She loves getting out on the trails, and especially loves watching creeks flow by. She's so intelligent, and responds to over 30 voice and hand requests when hiking. I never taught her anything; she just picks everything up the first time I say it, and does it.

I adopted Isabella when she was 5 1/2 years old from a schnauzer rescue group, and I urge anyone who wants an animal to adopt an older animal from a rescue group or humane society. There are so many wonderful dogs and cats in need of forever homes. Older animals seem to bond even more solidly with their adoptive pet parents, and continually seem so appreciative for having been given a home.

Note from Isabella: My mom has over 200 videos of me and my brother, Travis, on Youtube. Check them out at:


pretty, chewer, hyper n can jump a thousand feet