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animal Names: izzie

Izzie is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Hello Fellow Pets!
My Name is Isabella, Izzie for short :)
I had lived at the RSPCA for over 2 years and I thought no one would want me, until my current owner, Sian, came and rescued me. I am now spoiled rotten, with long walks every day on Baildon Moor, as we live practically next door, lots of food and treats, a warm bed to sleep in, and most importantly of all, lots of love and care and attention, I couldn't be happier :D
I am usually a very happy dog, but I can be a bit of a grump sometimes. My favourite things are my vast collection of toys (which I'm constantly chewing), long walks (of course) and Chappie, which is my favourite most food in the world :)
I few things I dislike are bath times, sometimes my owners think I'm a cat at heart as I dislike getting wet.
:) xxxx


I was recently rescued. I am very, very shy. But, I really love my new life and my sisters, Nona & Summer. Every day, I wake up so happy to know that I get to live another day in this wonderful place. I love squeeky toys and I have a ton! I also love to catch balls & frisbees. I love my new life!!

Labrador Retriever

Hi my name is Isabel, but around here everyone calls me Izzie! My family waited a long time for me, and now I am so spoiled. I love playing with my two kids and my parents too! Sometimes they take me to Petco with them and I get to pick out a toy! I love going there. My favorite things to do are play with my football, and play in my water family can't keep it full!