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animal Names: jack+daniels

Jack+daniels is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Jack Daniels

My fur-mommy and her sister were born at the bar where my human mom worked and they loved the wings they served so much they stayed outside there when they had me. So one night when my human mom was working I was wondering around looking for a wing with my brother when he and I got close to the humans and the next thing I knew I had an indoor home and my brother went home with my human mom's best friend! His name is Salem and we also get to live together now!!!

I love living with my real brother Salem, we have so much fun! I try to stay away from Amulet because she likes to beat me up...I suppose I deserve it because I really harassed her when I was a kitten....lolz Samson, my dog brother is great to sleep with. I also love my mom's lap and having my picture taken. I drink with my paw and like to sneak dog food ^..^

Edward Scissor Paws is so missed here, he took care of all of us. RIP...gone too soon 6-10-2002 to 3-9-2011