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animal Names: jackpot

Jackpot is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Jack Russell Terrier

a playful, loving dog. she is my grandma's dog. grandma and poppy found jackpot abandoned. so they toke her in. now jackpot is doing fine.


I was in a cage with some other cats. My people where not looking for a cat like me. When the lady brought me out i stretched out and rolled over in her arms to say hi. Next thing I was in a little lady's arms and her and her family took me home. I been living here every since.
I'm a big boy, I weigh 22lbs. I am very playful and I like to sneak up on my people and all my roommates. The ferrets gets better food so sometimes i sneak in their cage and eat their food and takes a nap in their cage. I don't like doors to be closed so whenever I see a door closed i find a way to open it.
I am very happy here. I loves my people and i have fun with my roomies. My people loves me too. I'm a very lucky cat.