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animal Names: jayden

Jayden is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Jayden? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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My name is Jayden and my mommy got me from her mommy. (^_^)=~ My mommy and daddy love me very much and I love them. I have a brother that lives with me named Dexter and a brother in Florida named Rocky. My cat mommy is also in Florida, she lives with Rocky. I have a dog sister name Booooo. Shes a pug. I love cat nip and naps and sleeping in my mommy and daddys bed. Most of the time when i am hungry i will headbutt anything that gets in my way, tables, chairs, mommy, daddy, doors, walls, and if nothing is around i roll on the ground. My brother does not like it when i headbutt him. he hits me. I really enjoy going outside on our balcony and enjoying the wonderful outdoors.


I LOVE snuggling with my mommy and my baby blanket, playing and taking walks with my daddy, food, plastic, really anything that I can get into my mouth. My favorite toys to play with are my ropes, light up ball and my new jolly ball, I got from Santa. I like to hang out in my backyard sunning myself, teasing the birds and any insect I can find, digging in the dirt, hiding and re-hiding my bones. My favorite activities are riding in the car with my head out the window, playing with the kids in the neighborhood and going to the dog park to play/see all my dog/human friends.
I really dislike my picture taken, mommy putting clothes on me, being left at home alone and not getting my way.