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animal Names: jeevis

Jeevis is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Jeevis? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Jeevis...Yup that's me! I was found on the side of a road when I was about 4 weeks old. I was wet,cold, and wasn't well. My mom took me home and told dad that she was only "fostering" me until I was well! She would feed me soupy kitten food that I loved to stick my whole head in and make a super mess! When I started feeling better I loved to terrorize anybody that came in my room. I would climb their legs or crawl into their pants while they were sitting on "the throne" ! When I started hanging off the shower curtain and racing to the door everytime someone tried to enter or leave, mom decided I was better and took me to the vet to get a blood test to make sure I was ok to hang with the other cats. I came back and got full run of the entire house! There sure is alot of things to play with around here! That's were my name came to me....instead of saying the Lords name in vain everytime I "accidently" knocked something over or terrorized someone in my house, my parents would yell out Jeevis! They sure do say my name alot! :) I'm older now and growing like a weed. I'm bigger then all the other cats and even one of the dogs in my new home! I love to pounce on them and chase them around but when I get tired I like to curl up on my dads lap. O yeah...I won him over and it's become a joke around here 'bout "forever fostering" me. Looks like I'm home to stay!