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animal Names: jemma

Jemma is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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black cat

she is a awesome cat by playing with her cat toys

Guinea Pig

I am a guinea pig who loves cuddles and tomatoes :)

Hey guys, unfortunately Jemma has now left us to pursue the best tomato patches at the rainbow bridge. I am going to explain what happened but first I would like to point out that, yes I have not been on cuteness for over a year now, however I really had no need to come on. Instead of sharing my pets with the rest of the world, I had decided to focus all my attention on them themselves, you know just be with them more often. I feel the need to now come back on and tell you guys what happened to my friend, because I feel she is your friend too. Anyways, on Friday Jemma died. I had been, sadly, ignoring them a bit as that was the first week of school and everything was really busy. I know that is no excuse to ignore them but it just kind of happened, and I am sad that it happened that way. The whole week I really had not been paying attention to how much they ate or drank, which was practically nothing. On Friday morning I noticed Jemma was not as active as she should have been and not responding like normal. All day at school I worried, and finally when the day ended I rushed home to check on her. I found her breathing shallowly and cuddled and hugged her until she departed. I will always remember her as the best cuddler, pig mom, and friend I could have and I hope to meet up with her again one day. Some people say that animals can see ghosts, or ones who have departed, and it makes me happy to believe that Jemma is watching over me now and comforting her mates she left behind. She will live on through them.