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animal Names: jerome

Jerome is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Jerome is a handsome, silly, sweet, gentle pit bull mix from a big city shelter. He'd been picked up stray in the hood and sat around, a staff favorite, waiting to be adopted for four months.
Jerome's big day finally came! He was adopted!
The shelter staff was heartbroken when big, sweet Jerome was returned four months after being adopted. He required too much time, energy, attention. His owners couldn't handle the responsibility, so they dropped him off at the shelter they'd been so excited to take him away from four months prior.

Jerome was not happy about being returned. The formerly mellow, dopey, pleasant lumbering fool was now nervous and nipped as a way to communicate.

I couldn't let Jerome sit in the shelter like that.
So I decided to foster him.
I fostered him for about an hour before saying, "Hell no this dog isn't going to live with anyone else!"

He's been my homeboy ever since and I can't imagine life without my Jerome.