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animal Names: jojo

Jojo is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Jojo? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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JoJo loves to play with bubbles and play tag with Tiny Dancer, hes very talkative, he has a bubbly personality i call him a people person. he loves to be the center of attention. you can talk to him and he will talk back to you, i love it. he is my sweet baby.


hello my name is Jojo,
JoJo is very smart and quick. He loves to explore everything in sight and is always accompanying the family. If one or more family members are gone, he will guard their room/bed until they get home and greet them with affection and lots of purring.

American Crocodile
Pembroke Welsh Corgi

My people got me from a pet store in a mall. My dad had always wanted a dog just like me so they took me home. We all thought life was going to be perfect but i didn't feel so good. My first night in my new peoples home, they let me sleep with them. I was happy cause i was scared and didn't feel so good. Then in the night I got really sick on their bed. They were very nice and didn't get mad at me but they had to get up and clean the mess. They stayed up with me the rest the night. The next day they took me to a Dr. place. I had to stay there but i felt so sick i didn't care.
The Dr. people poked me and did all kinds of things to me and sometimes it hurt. I was so sick but I was sad cause i thought my new people left me here cause they didn't want me cause i was bad. A long time went by and i was still sad but i started feeling better and then my new people came back and took me back home.
I had a adopted mom dog mom here. Her name was Rain. she was the best. She played with me and cleaned me and was always with me. I had a brother too. He's ok and he plays with me some. I like to tease him and he gets mad at me a lot. there are some ferts that live here too. when i was little they were fun to play with but now they make me a little nervous cause they won't sit still. My fur mom was my favorite then my human mom and dad.
One day my fur mom started feeling sick. Our people tried to help her. they let her rest and wouldn't let me or my brother play with her. They sat with her and gave her water and food but she wasn't getting better. after a while our people took her on a leash some where. Our people came back but my fur mom didn't. I miss her. When she didn't come back i got sad and my people mom and dad had to give me extra attention. They were nice to me and let me get on the bed. I still miss rain mom but i am doing better. I am learning more about my people family and they are learning more about me too I think.