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animal Names: joy

Joy is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Parson Russell Terrier

Candy Cane Ranch Make A Joyful Noise is one super cute and smart girl. She is a great therapy dog and loves to find biscuits they hide. She is very fast and can win any race. She is a JackRat which is Jack Russell/Rat Terrier. They do not have either one in the breed this on here.


We adopted Joy from the Humane Society in 2004 when she was just a few weeks old. She actually chose us when she jumped into my arms. She has given us many years of love, companionship, and, well, Joy!

Tiger Cat

06/07/2010 : Joy is learning to behave properly. She's very intelligent but as a true Beauceron, she likes to do what she WANTS to do !
A lot of patience will be needed but she do want to learn ! That's the more important...

Our wonderful puppy who came home on June 5th 2010.
She is very brave, bright and proud (like Beaucerons should be) !


I love my doooggggggggg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bichon Frise

On March 24, 2014 Joy lost her life due to complications delivering a litter of six puppies! Only one survivor...her name is Hope. Check out her page.

Joy was an integral part of the cuteness family almost since its inception in 2009. What a fun ride it was for her and all who got to know her, through this site. Her story begins below...told in her words...and her memory will live on thru the hearts and lives of the pets and their owners who Joy and I came to know as great friends. Her legacy will live on thru Hope and if she is anything like her mama and her surrogate daddy Boo-Boo, she will help to ROCK out some fun times with her cuteness friends and family. Joy had a special place in the hearts of many and I am sure that she would want you to allow Hope to fill her shoes, her hats and your lives with a little bit of JOY and and lot of HOPE! Thanks my friends, for all your love and support! Barb

I'm the ONLY girl in a litter of six...which means I have 5...let me REPEAT...5 brothers! Thankfully they ALL have moved out to their great forever homes. Well, actually, I do miss those crazy guys...but on the other hand I'm beginning to enjoy my FREEDOM! That means more time for being SPOILED! What can I is grand! I'm playing, exploring and learning lots. says I'm a diva in the making...but a tomboy at heart!!!

Oh yeah...FYI: Full grown,I weigh 7.2 pounds. In one of my pictures I am with my mom, Glory. My rott friend is Grace...she lives at our house.

ALSO PICTURED are some of my friends with SPECIAL needs....My human mom takes care of some of them here at home ...others she teaches in a special needs class at church. Wow! they really are SPECIAL and they bring us lots of JOY! ....thanks to ALL my Family friends and CAH pets and peeps who helped win a Wii for these AWESOME kids....YOU"RE the best!!!

ALSO on this site are:
NUDGE my brother from another litter.TUG is my littermate brother.
SNOWBALL is my human's great-grand-pig!!!
PICKLES is my human's grand-dog
MOUSE & SANDY are my human's grand-cats
DOC is my human's grand bunny!
BANDIT belongs to of the kid's mom watches iguana friend came to visit on Sept 5, 2009..she is TOTALLY COOL!!!
Her pix are at the bottom of my page.

ROCKERS...a virtual band with a cause supporting pets and peeps with a need...check out our pages.

Need support or prayer...check out the HOPE page or PRAYER PAGE!

Please remember to pray for and support our troops! Mom's grandson Nick and his wife Heather are in the AF and we are ALL so proud of them...GO NICK & HEATHER!!!

I want to say thanks to all my critter friends and their humans for giving me so many cuteness points...I'm having so much fun checking out all the cute faces and reading some incredible stories! Lots and lots of licks and kisses! Joy :) xoxox