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animal Names: juliet

Juliet is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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American Shorthair

Meowllo, my name is Juliet, you know az in Romeo & Juliet. Mez fur-brofer’s name iz Lennon him iz named after John Lennon of The Beatles.
I work at The Cat’s Meow my job title is Head of Prissy, I love my new humom, and my new wittle fur-brofer. I wub to play wid toyz and lie on topz ob de eatin room cabinetz likez sittin on me throne… MOL


I am a very loving, spunky, and also very spoiled princess. I just love wearing my clothes, jewelry I am also very smart. I know certain sounds and am not afraid to let mommy know; like when she sprays her perfume~that tells me that she is going somewhere and I just give her that look that I wanna go too!. I do many tricks including: sit, sit up, tell me (I bark or whisper), high five, wave hi, and I even pray (believe it) and am now learning a new one called 'Bang' where mommy play shoots me with her fingers and says 'bang' and I roll over (play dead lol). My mommy is very good to me and I love doing 'nuggles wif her, we are big snugglers. I am sometimes very spirited, I guess that's a nice word for stubborn? But c'mon, as cute as I am, am I not allowed to have an opinion? =P


Juliet (Ju-Jee) is a two year old siamese. She's playful, but also lazy. When she's hungry she has a way to make you follow her to her food bowl (When it's empty or she wants diffrent kind.) When she's tired of her roomate, Lucky, barking at her to play, she gives up and starts chasing him. She loves laying down, and looking out the window. She loves to climb things (even our roof!) When she's tired she climbs up to my bed and rests. She's adorable and i would not trade her for another cat. :) :)