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animal Names: juno

Juno is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Juno? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Very sweet and gentle little boy, Cuddle buddy


Heyy(: My Name is juno , Got the name Juno because that was the month my owner Arlene took me home with her (: im playfull nice & i love to play with strings , And my owner ;Arlene says im the cutest cat ever ! :D & i Lovee my new family :) & my roomate lulu isnt here i never got to meet her but i heard lots of great things about her , And if it wasnt for you lulu i would have never met arlene , i am so happy to have this new family that was once yours , They miss you lots lulu & but they told me your with a nicer family that found you and.............. Thank you lulu For this loving mom that i have now thanks to you , , We lovee you lulu ;..)


I'm a silver doll faced Persian kitty that is very loving and playful. I love my mummy and daddy a lot and make sure to greet them when they come home from work. I like to hide underneath their bed and play hungry hungry hippo whenever they walk by. My mum taught me how to play fetch with small sticks and I also enjoy popping bubbles when my parents blow them around me.

I have a cat tree that sits by one of the windows that overlooks a tennis court. I like to sit here during the day to enjoy the lovely tennis matches going on and the occasional squirrel that runs across the top of the fence.

I'm curious of other animals and love to play with them but they always run away from me. Dogs don't scare me much unless they're giants and chase me, but even then I'll stand my ground and hiss at them.

I'm learning to walk with a harness on. So far it's not going very well. I just plop down or walk backwards whenever it's on me. My mum hopes that she can take me on nature walks so i can see more of the world.

I have the humans wrapped around my little paws with my cute little poses. Suckers.

I was named Juno because I was born while my parents were in Juneau, Alaska for their honeymoon. I know it's usually a girl's name, but I'm able to rock it.


My name is Juno, AKA "June Bug". I live with my masters and my best friend Milo, oh and a dog named Chance.