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animal Names: juno+diana

Juno+diana is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Juno Diana
Domestic Shorthair

I am all black and have HUGE eyes that are perfectly round. My Momma nick-named me 'Moonie' because my eyes are big and round like the moon. I LOVE to play. Whether it's with a q-tip I stole from the bathroom, a milk ring, or in my crunchie tube from Aunt Betsy I LOVE to play!! Zeus, my older boyfriend likes to play with me too sometimes. He loves it when I lick his ears and cheeks, and he loves it when I clean his face. Sometimes I let him give me kisses back and he cleans my face. When I'm not chatting up a storm, I like to sleep in my chair on the patio with my favorite orange fleece blanket. Momma says I look like a Halloween cat when I am on it. I am just over a year old and fiesty and fun!